I suspect I may well have been a mermaid at some time, as I cannot resist sequins and love the sparkling colours in tropical waters.  So – a Selfie to begin with!  Life is good here; the Sun passes overhead at midday and my studio enjoys the gift of natural light all year round.  I paint a wide variety of subjects and always use professional oils.

The challenges that Nature, man & Hubble present, give me several lifetimes of new subjects.  You will find the prettiest of flowers, handsomest of cows, fishiest sea creatures plus oceans & mountains & meadows brimming with the richness that surrounds me. Fly with me then to the heavens as my amateur astronomer status allows me to bring the vivid colours of Hubble images to the deep sky objects I can only see in black and white through my wonderful telescope.  Here for all available paintings.

At present my easel is given over 24/7 to the creation of 30 works for my next exhibition.