With almost too many interests to pursue, Marie left her best until last – becoming an oil painter.  Now a prolific impressionistic representational artist, Marie’s talents have seen her create hundreds of paintings. These have been purchased by collectors across the globe, with numerous awards to her name and exhibitions in Australia and Alaska USA. Without question, Marie is naturally talented with artistic flair flowing in her blood. Living in the scenic, yet quiet seaside town of Agnes Water in Central Queensland, Marie says it is the perfect habitat for an artist, especially one whose work reflects a love of colour and light. When painting she strips away the mundane mask that covers her subject and captures what is really there – that is her raison d’etre.


Marie intends for her paintings to be faithful to what she sees on Earth and what she observes through the 8” telescope, in the heavens. She is an amateur astronomer and enjoys viewing the nebulae during many dark nights in her Coral Sea observatory. As she captures the deep sky objects with her brush, she is guided by the brilliant flowing colours of the Hubble images. These natural wonders inspired Marie to start painting these fascinating deep sky objects in 2011.  The response from art collectors has been overwhelming which fulfills her ambition for her art to project beauty and a sense of wonder. She has been engaged on a large figurative body of work which had been percolating in her mind and sketch book since being the successful recipient of a substantial grant from Regional Art Development Fund. Marie’s oil paintings examine the everyday lives of Queenslanders living and working in tough conditions between 1880 and 1980.

Bringing the Boys Home side 1In particular, she focuses on the ‘normal’ activities that ordinary Queenslanders did once, but no longer practice. In June, 2015 the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum presented her solo exhibition ‘Reflections of Yesterday’.  The thirty paintings were accompanied by the publication chronicling the works of art together with the stories behind them and the related historical photographs. It was greeted with high praise from other artists and visitors with the Curator proclaiming it was the most exciting, professional and unique exhibition for the gallery.  Marie Green is married to the wonderful Tom and has two beautiful dogs, Coco and Peppietoo.

2015 –  Solo Exhibition Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum

2013 – Highly Commended Waltzing Matilda Art Awards

2013 – ‘Rosette Nebula’ held in public collection

2012 – Solo exhibition ‘Heaven & Earth II’ – Brisbane

2012 – Winner of Peoples’ Choice Award, Bayton Award – Rockhampton

2012 – Winner Best in Show QAL Art Show

2011 – Membership International Assn Astronomical Artists

2011 – ‘Heaven & Earth’ exhibition – Anchorage, Alaska

2011 – ‘Reflections’ exhibition – Wasilla, Alaska

2010 – Rio Tinto Martin Hansen Art Award – Selected

2010 – Highly Commended Maryborough Art Show

2010 – First Prize Queensland Alumina Ltd Award

2010 – Highly Commended 1770 Festival Art Show

2009 – Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards Selected

2008 – First Prize, Contemporary Section 1770 Fest Art

2008 – Highly Commended Bundaberg Art Festival

2008 – Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards Selected

2007 – Started painting

Marie and Tom at her solo show – Brisbane 2012


And our two girls.

Coco walking

Peppietoo walking