Reflections of Yesterday

This is a unique exhibition. To walk into the large prestigious public gallery and see, for the first time, all my works hanging brought me to tears.  I was overwhelmed as I felt it was being shared with all the people who told me their stories and the people in the accompanying photos who showed me their lives.

For two and a half years I worked on this project to create a body of work that would keep alive the century of Queensland life 1880 to 1980. It was a time of such great advances, such real perils plus the mundane jobs that always had to be completed. The exhibition is a composite one of all of the paintings in the exhibition, plus photographs taken from each period and original voice recordings made by some of the old timers describing their jobs.   You can see all of the paintings here. I will always be grateful that my first public exhibition was at the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum and Curator, Jo Duke, understood exactly what I needed to achieve. The wonderful support and grants provided by the Gladstone Regional Council and the Regional Arts Development Fund allowed me the confidence to pursue this dream of mine to its fruition.


Exhibition Poster